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David Brunn - Audio / Sound / Team Leader

David Brunn

David Brunn is a composer, performer and producer of music for theater, film, video and the avant-garde. He is a pioneer in synthesizer artistry and primarily composes on the grand piano. He is a teacher of the Tabla drum of North India having learned from and accompanied Masters.

He currently lives in Seattle Washington USA and is owner/president of Tonewheel Music.

KMP2001 involvement:

"I first became aware of the Kumbha Mela about 1968 and have been fascinated by India's mystical persuasion ever since.

I studied some of the ancient forms of meditation and traced their origins by delving into the 4000 year old Rig Veda and subsequent spiritual writings of India. I eventually went on to study and teach the hypnotic rhythms of the North Indian Tabla drum.

This interest in tabla took me to India (Delhi) during the Plague of 1994 where I continued my search to understand the musical language of the tabla. I lived several lives while there and upon awakening saw some primal 'Light' regarding existence in India.

Namaste ( The Divine in me sees [ greets ] the Divine in you ) . . . . This simple idea forms much of the backbone of India. Regardless of religion, color, sex, or any other differences / preferences ... this Gracious gesture says much about the people who live there.

The tribes of people who'll be on pilgrimage to the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad 2001, will be vast ( approx. 45 million ) and varied. From all over the land they'll be coming to bathe in the Holy waters of the Ganga, Yamuna, and invisible Saraswati rivers ( "Liquid God" ) , to become more pure, and to have this chance of divine Yoga (union) with the Supreme . . .

I Will be there.

I believe there is an incredibly important story to be told . . . I believe that we as a team can ( and will ) tell this story . . . and in many ways.

I would like, with your help, to guide this 'expedition' through the known and unknown alike . . . ."


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Some past projects:

arrow Sound design for Disney / Entros

arrow jivan gita (North Indian Classical Music: 'East joins West') with Alex Johnson, Violin and Diane Givens, Tanpura

arrow Upon the River Joy .....CD/cass.....with Emmy award winning artist Diane Givens

arrow Featured composer on Waveform Records "Slumberland" CD

arrow Themes for Dreams....CD/cass.... musical themes for National Geographic and other short films.

arrow Amazing Grace....CD.... w/ Joseph Weisnewski's exploration and discovery

arrow Ancestors....CD/cass....producer of Tabla master Akram Khan first US solo tabla release (Doug Haire -engineer)

arrow Do Not Touch....cass....Master collage by Alien Incarnate (aka Leper Atma Khan) (aka Dhaveed & Jhaams)

arrow Leper Atma Khan documentary opera "The Falconer"

arrow The Clouds....cass....with Painter and Flutist, Divit Cardoza

arrow The Pass....cass....with Violinist Alex Johnson

arrow Sound design for Shakespearean Festivals in the Pacific Northwest

arrow Producer / consultant . ...for dozens of recordings since 1969

David Brunn - Team Leader / KMP2001
December 18, 1998
Seattle Washington USA