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Doug Haire - Audio Sound Recordist

"Doug Haire is a sound recordist. He has been a professional recording engineer and radio producer for over 15 years.

His interest in sound and it's effect on the lives we lead has followed him through 10 countries and 30 states. He has released 4 titles under his name which involve location recordings, sound manipulations and improvisations and musique concrete.

He served as producer for Jack Straw Productions Sonarchy website which contains a large selection of audio files that serve as a unique avenue towards interpreting the world around us.

Visit http://www.jackstraw.org/sonicworld/archive/ as an example of how sound is an ideal vehicle for opening the world up to an individual. Sonic World is an incomplete project but can serve as an example of how the KMP2001 project could develop.

Participating in the Kumbha Mela project can be a fantastic opportunity for us to help bridge the worlds of east and west and simply bring more focus to the understanding of humanity."

Doug Haire - Team Member / KMP2001
December 19, 1998
Seattle Washington USA