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James Cobb III - Journal, Scribe
James Cobb III
"I never quite finished college because it was more important to be at the heart of Texas rock n' roll in the late 1960's. By the early 70's those creepy assholes in Washington wanted the hides of young men to hang next to other war veterans. I am proud to never have served my country in the Vietnam War. So, I was a rock drummer for 15 years until I just finally burned out on the whole pseudo-rock star touring junket lifestyle. Of course, it makes for great and fun copy to be read by other outlaws and malcontents like yourselves but it really has very little practical clout in the brave new world of high technology and multimedia. What's the difference between a savings bond and a musician? At least one will eventually mature and earn some money.

David Brunn and I have been good friends and cosmic brothers since 1989. We continue to collaborate and encourage one another toward a more far-reaching spiritual manhood with every project. When he went to India I thought he would get it out of his system. Then he started cooking Indian food when we got together. He gave me incense and posters of Hindu deities. He brought me a Buddha head made from earth-clay from the shores of the River Ganges. I realize now these were all artifacts of an obsessive plan to steal my mind for his own diabolical purposes.

Now, I feel this Expedition is a tremendous opportunity for acquiring some everlasting courage and experiencing personal growth. And the chance to work with very interesting people in a professional manner on a project of this magnitude and potential is extremely tempting. If there's such a thing as karmic brownie points, the convergence of all artist-sojourners and the mighty Rivers of India will certainly provide us with the milk and rich desserts needed to feed the guardian lapdogs of Shiva.

It has been mentioned that the raw material from this Project could take a year of post-production work before we decide what final form and medium the results will occupy. In all honesty, at this juncture I'm not as interested in the aftermath as I am in the relative safety and intelligence of the trip. As poet, scribe, secretary and journalist for this adventure I am making it my business to read and understand the meaning of pilgrimage that resides beneath and within the motivations of all travelers.

From high-altitude mountaineers to world weary escapists there are reasons we seek the danger and transcendence of the flight. My curiosity is perked by the reach which exceeds my grasp."

James Richard Cobb III - Team Member / KMP2001
December 12, 1998
Seattle Washington USA