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David Sonnenschein - Video / Sound

Co-Creator and Consulting Producer for Quantum Medicine: The Alchemy of Love, Science and Nature, a TV series based on the true stories of pioneering doctors in integrative healing.

After years of exposure to the world of medicine through the influence of his father, Prof. Emeritus Ralph Sonnenschein M.D. at U.C.L.A. Medical School, Sonnenschein earned a BA in Neurobiology at U.C.S.D. in the early 1970's, producing ground-breaking results in sleep laboratory research, monitoring the interface of mind-body physiology and biorhythms. He studied Kiatsu healing (from the Japanese martial art Aikido), Swedish massage, Trager, Feldenkrais and Brazilian spiritual healing, as well as administering courses in Ki energy healing techniques.

Initiated in the spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Santo Daime, Afro-Brazilian umbanda and Spiritism (Kardecism), Sonnenschein has also trained in transformational disciplines including lucid dreaming, Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong and Holotropic Breathing.

Sonnenschein's film career began in 1975 as director of one of the world's first computer animated films for the Biology Dept. of U.C.S.D., an entertaining presentation about the life cycle of a bacteria virus. Pursuing his interests in other cultures, he lived a year in Bali filming the mask dance with an anthropologist and apprenticing to a master mask carver on the island.

He won numerous international prizes for his short dramatic and documentary films before enrolling in the MFA Cinema/TV program at U.S.C., where he combined scientific, cultural and artistic themes in production of 20 films, including the award-winning "The Owl's Flight", a tale of a sacred Mexican healing mask.

Relocating to Rio de Janeiro in 1985, Sonnenschein directed and produced six feature films for the Brazilian family market, several of which were top box office hits and critical successes. For the 1992 two-week long Earth Summit he produced the in-house television news coverage daily featuring the Dalai Lama, Al Gore, Jane Fonda and dozens of other prominent leaders, providing material to the global TV community.

Sonnenschein's interest in healing drew him toward the "trance surgeons" of Brazil, resulting in his startling documentary "Dr. Fritz Healing the Body and Spirit," which investigates one of the most unusual healing phenomena on the planet. He is currently in development on "The Knife and the Rose", a feature film about the true story of a Brazilian folk healer who astounded the world by curing millions.

Sonnenschein has combined his background as a classical and jazz musician with filmmaking to teach sound design at universities in the US, Cuba and Brazil and to publish the book "Creative Sound Design." He has co-founded Sound Healers, a network of musicians, medical professionals and spiritual counselors, to explore the potential of sound to heal and how the patient can participate in the healing by creating their own sound.

David Sonnenschein - Team Member / KMP2001
October 2000
Seattle, WA USA